Azure support options

If you have questions around Azure services or curious about its capabilities, we have a variety of resources to help you find answers to your questions. Let's look at these support resources.

Azure free support resources

You have 24/7 access to the online documentation, community support, and new Azure capabilities demo videos on YouTube. Created by Azure engineers, these demo videos are available on Azure Friday, Microsoft Mechanics, and Azure portal how-to videos playlists. As an Azure customer, the following free support resources are available to you as well.

  • Billing and subscription management support
  • Azure Quickstart Center, a guided experience in the Azure portal available to anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of Azure
  • Azure Service Health gives you insights on issues related to your Azure services
  • Azure Advisor gives you personalized recommendations on how to optimize your cost and performance

Azure support plans

Azure offers customers reactive and proactive technical support. Choose the support plan that best meet your needs. You can purchase the support plan on the Azure website or Azure portal. If you are working with a Microsoft representative or partner, you can purchase a support plan from them. Microsoft also provides support plans that cover Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365. Talk to your Microsoft representative or partner for more details.

Developer Standard Professional Direct
Best for Non-critical workloads Production workloads Business-critical workloads
Reactive technical support 1 business day response 1-hour response for critical cases 1-hour response + priority tracking of critical cases
Proactive technical support Not applicable Not applicable Access to a pool of technical experts

For the full list, see Azure support plans.

Azure community support

Ask questions, get answers, and connect with Microsoft engineers and community experts.

Channel Description
Azure Knowledge Center The Azure Knowledge Center is a searchable database that contains answers to common support questions.
Microsoft Tech Community Get support by reading responses to Azure technical questions from Microsoft's developers and testers.
Microsoft Q&A Find answers to your technical questions about selected Azure products.
Stack Overflow You can review answers to questions from the development community.
Server Fault Review community responses to questions about System and Network Administration in Azure.
Azure Feedback Forums Read ideas and suggestions for improving Azure made by Azure users.
Twitter Tweet @AzureSupport to get answers and support from the official Microsoft Azure Twitter channel.