Azure support options

One final thing to know about subscriptions is how to get support when you need it. Every Azure subscription includes free access to the following essential support services:

  • Billing and subscription support
  • Azure products and services documentation
  • Online self-help documentation
  • Whitepapers
  • Community support forums

Microsoft offers four paid Azure support plans for customers who require technical and operational support: Developer, Standard, Professional Direct, and Premier.

Developer Standard Professional Direct Premier
Scope Trial and non-production environments Production workload environments Business-critical dependence Substantial dependence across multiple products
Technical Support Business hours access to Support Engineers via email 24x7 access to Support Engineers via email and phone 24x7 access to Support Engineers via email and phone 24x7 access to Support Engineers via email and phone
Case Severity/Response Times Minimal business impact (Sev C): <8 business hours Critical business impact (Sev A): <1 hour Critical business impact (Sev A): <1 hour Critical business impact (Sev A): <1 hour <15 minutes (with Azure Rapid Response or Azure Event Management)
Architecture Support General guidance General guidance Architectural guidance based on best practice delivered by ProDirect Delivery Manager Customer-specific architectural support such as design reviews, performance tuning, configuration, and more
Operations Support Onboarding services, service reviews, Azure Advisor consultations Technical account manager-led service reviews and reporting
Training Azure Engineering-led web seminars Azure Engineering-led web seminars, on-demand training
Proactive Guidance ProDirect Delivery Manager Designated Technical Account Manager
Launch Support Azure Event Management (available for additional fee)

Providing different Azure support options allows Azure customers to choose a plan that best fits their needs.

Support-plan availability and billing

The support plans available and how you're charged depends on the type of Azure customer you are, and the type of Azure subscription you have.

For example, Developer support isn't available to Enterprise customers. Enterprise customers can purchase Standard, Professional Direct, and Premier support plans, and be billed for support as part of an Enterprise Agreement (EA). Alternatively, if you purchase a support plan within a pay-as-you-go subscription, your support plan is charged to your monthly Azure subscription bill.

Other support options

Several additional support channels are available outside Azure's official support plans.

Channel Description
Azure Knowledge Center The Azure Knowledge Center is a searchable database that contains answers to common support questions, from a community of Azure experts, developers, customers, and users. You can browse through all responses within the Azure Knowledge Center. Find specific solutions by entering keyword search terms into the text-entry field and further refine your search results by selecting products or tags from the lists provided by two dropdown lists.
Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Forums Get support by reading responses to Azure technical questions from Microsoft's developers and testers on the MSDN Azure discussion forums.
Stack Overflow You can review answers to questions from the development community on StackOverflow.
Server Fault Review community responses to questions about System and Network Administration in Azure on ServerFault.
Azure Feedback Forums Read ideas and suggestions for improving Azure made by Azure users and customers on the Azure feedback forums.
Twitter Tweet @AzureSupport to get answers and support from the official Microsoft Azure Twitter channel.