Create date intervals


Creating a date interval in Finance helps you filter, report, and analyze data based on a date range.

You can create and manage date intervals that can be used in financial statements and reports. Date intervals allow you to create dynamic dates. When you use date intervals, you can set up predefined periods when you run financial statements. Date intervals can also be used when setting up an allocation rule. You set up date intervals in General ledger > Ledger setup > Date intervals.

Screenshot of the Date intervals page showing the General FastTab.

For example, Ken, the Controller at Contoso Entertainment USA (USMF), runs a dimension statement every month. Instead of entering the dates every time that he runs the report, he selects a date interval.

The date interval automatically fills in the start date and the end date. Therefore, Ken does not have to specify the start date and the end date when he runs the dimension statement.

Watch this video to learn how to create date intervals.