Exercise - Deep learning by using Azure Databricks

You've learned about the various deep-learning techniques supported by Azure Databricks. To further explore some of these deep-learning tools, we'll use Databricks notebooks.


To complete the following procedures, you must have already deployed your Azure Databricks workspace in your Azure portal.

Clone the Databricks archive

  1. From the Azure portal, go to your Databricks workspace and select Launch workspace.

  2. In the left pane, select Workspace, select Users, and then select your username (the entry with the house icon).

  3. In the pane that appears, select the downward-pointing chevron next to your name, and then select Import.

    A screenshot of the menu option to import the archive

  4. In the Import Notebooks pane, select URL, and paste in the following URL:

  5. Select Import.

  6. A folder named after the archive should appear. Select that folder. The folder contains one or more notebooks that you'll use in completing this lab.

Complete the following notebooks

  • 01 Deep Learning: This notebook gives an overview of the other notebooks in this lab.
  • 02 Neural Nets basic concepts: This notebook demonstrates some basic neural network concepts.
  • 03 Simple TensorFlow classifier with Azure Databricks: This notebook demonstrates how to use the TensorFlow framework with Azure Databricks.
  • 04 Image classification with Azure Databricks: This notebook details the instructions for basic image classification by using Azure Databricks deep learning.