Azure enables you to deploy Windows and Linux virtual machines from standard virtual machine images available in Azure Marketplace. Organizations can use these standard images to deploy a virtual machine that's running the selected operating system. You can then install any additional software required on these virtual machines.

This approach isn't always ideal for companies that want to customize a virtual machine to match their specific requirements, change the configuration, and add specific applications. In Azure, you can create your own customized images that you can use to deploy your virtual machines.

Imagine you're the solution architect for a large finance organization. The organization is building a new environment on Azure that uses virtual machines. The organization wants to have customized images configured to its requirements. From those images, it can create and deploy virtual machines.

The organization needs a method to store and create virtual machines from these images. Your goal is to evaluate what the options are for customizing the Azure images, and how these images can be used to deploy virtual machines.

In this module, you'll learn how to create customized images. You'll see how to generalize images, and you'll create specialized images from the generalized versions. You'll also see how to deploy virtual machines by using the images.

Learning objectives

In this module, you will:

  • Identify the methods to create a specialized virtual hard disk
  • Create a virtual machine from an existing managed disk
  • Create a virtual machine image
  • Create a virtual machine from an existing virtual machine image


  • Basic knowledge of Azure virtual machines