Knowledge check


Tailwind Traders has several workloads being migrated to Azure. It is important you review each applications database requirement to recommend the appropriate solution:

  • Inventory application. You plan to migrate the inventory application with a database to the cloud, but you use a third-party application that requires Windows authentication.

  • HR application. You need to migrate the HR application and DB to the cloud and remove some of the management associated with SQL Server, but your application uses CLR and Service Broker capabilities from SQL Server.

  • Migrating databases. There are a few large on-premises SQL server databases that need to be migrated to the cloud that contains anywhere from 40 TB to 80 TB of data.

Choose the best response for each of the questions below. Then select Check your answers.


Which Azure SQL deployment option will be easiest to use for the Inventory application?


Which Azure SQL deployment option should be used for the HR application


What database service tier should be selected for the databases being migrated?