Set up default dimensions for account types


You can also set up default dimensions on an account type level and determine how particular account types use dimensions and dimension values.

For example, when you have set up all individual customer accounts with a default dimension Customergroup, by using either the Dimensions - Single function or the Dimensions - Multiple function, remember to also assign a default Customergroup dimension value to a new customer. Posting documents or journals won't prohibit the posting of customers without dimensions and dimension values, unless the account type default dimension was set up for the account type Customer.

Account Type Default Dimensions can be set up for the following account types:

  • Salesperson/Purchaser

  • G/L Account

  • Customer

  • Vendor

  • Item

  • Resource Group

  • Resource

  • Job

  • Bank Account

  • IC Partner

  • Cash Flow Manual Revenue

  • Cash Flow Manual Expense

  • Campaign

  • Customer Template

  • Employee

  • Fixed Asset

  • Insurance

  • Responsibility Center

  • Item Charge

  • Service Order Type

  • Service Item Group

  • Service Item

  • Service Contract Header

  • Service Contract Template

  • Work Center

The following scenario demonstrates the steps to set up an account type default dimension for the customer table, with the purpose of making the Department dimension mandatory for all customers, and only allowing the Sales and Administration dimension values.

  1. Select the search for page icon in the top-right corner of the page, enter dimensions, and then select the related link.

  2. Select the DEPARTMENT dimension, and choose Dimension, Account Type Default Dim.

  3. In the Table ID field, select table 18.

  4. Leave the Dimension Value Code field blank.

  5. In the Value Posting field, select Code Mandatory.

  6. Select the Allowed Values Filter field to open the Allowed Dimension Values page.

  7. Place a checkmark in the Allowed field for the ADM and SALES dimension values.

  8. Select OK.

Screenshot displaying the Department dimension result.

The result is that each customer transaction that you want to post must include the ADM or SALES dimension value.