Introduction to enterprise-scale landing zones in the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

Solution Architect
DevOps Engineer
Azure Resource Manager

The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure has many landing zone options. In this module, you'll learn how enterprise-scale landing zones help organizations build the strategic design path and target technical state for your Azure environment.

Learning objectives

After you complete this module, you will be able to:

  • Explain the vision for enterprise-scale architecture in the Cloud Adoption Framework.
  • Describe the top customer challenges that enterprise-scale Azure adoption addresses.
  • Define the Cloud Adoption Framework approach for enterprise-scale landing zones.
  • Explain the enterprise-scale architecture design principles.


  • Basic knowledge of Azure Policy
  • Basic knowledge of Azure Enterprise Agreements
  • Basic knowledge of management groups and subscriptions
  • Intermediate knowledge of Azure networking, including cross-region and on-premises connectivity