When to use Azure Synapse serverless SQL pools


Synapse SQL offers both serverless and dedicated resource models, offering consumption and billing options to fit your needs. For predictable performance and cost, create dedicated SQL pools to reserve processing power for data stored in SQL tables. For unplanned or bursty workloads, use the always available, serverless SQL endpoint.

Synapse SQL serverless resource model is great if you need to know exact cost for each query executed to monitor and attribute costs. Additionally, it eliminates the management overhead since there is no infrastructure to manage. You just care about the queries you want to execute. For these reasons getting the project started with serverless is simple and cheap.

Additionally, serverless SQL pool is tailored for querying the data residing in the data lake, so in addition to eliminating management burden, it eliminates a need to worry about ingesting the data into the system. You just point the query to the data that is already in the lake and run it.