Discover how to foster an AI-ready culture in marketing - Executive Q&A


Watch this video from Chris Capossela, Chief Marketing Officer of Microsoft, as he shares how he’s driving his large organization to become more agile and empowered with AI. Additionally, he provides specific advice for other leaders to successfully transform their organizations.

AI can’t be implemented in a vacuum. In marketing, you need the expert who understands how to think about content and a seller alongside engineers and data scientists, all working together to tackle the biggest business problems. This partnership extends beyond projects and deeply benefits an organization. At Microsoft bringing marketing closer to engineering has improved our products and our relationships between our teams, which ultimately benefits our customers.

Next, learn about Microsoft marketing’s aims to be agile and responsive to different markets, effectively collaborative across departments, and be model corporate citizens. Their marketing teams learned the importance of preparing data before implementing AI, adjusting data practices over time, and monitoring how AI learns and adapts.