Review Dynamics 365 use cases


Maybe you are starting to realize the limitations of your current ERP system and are considering an upgrade to something new and modern. It might be time to replace your legacy ERP system and implement new software like Microsoft Dynamics 365 if you have:

  • A growth cap
  • Lack of insights
  • A costly legacy system

Growth cap

Problem: Your current system has not kept up with you as you’ve grown and added more staff, clients, and business processes or entered new lines of business or markets.

Solution: An ERP solution should allow your company to expand while it operates and maintains your company’s everyday business processes.

Lack of insights

Problem: Even though ERP software offers real-time visibility of your entire business, as well as insights into the industry landscape, you have still opted for legacy software that works independently from other systems. This can lead to different departments working in silos.

Solution: Software that ties all your disparate systems together while offering data analytics and business insights is a win-win, offering productivity, growth, and a competitive edge.

Costly legacy system

Problem: You're aware that you're paying a lot for your current ERP deployment fees and maintenance but you don’t know the pros and cons that come with each deployment option, whether it’s on-premises, in the cloud, or a hosted ERP solution.

Solution: It may be time for an even closer look to decide if you should move to the cloud, keep things on-premises, or invest in a combination of both.

Discover what a modern ERP system could offer

Microsoft Dynamics 365 scales with your business as you expand into other markets and helps keep client and company data secure. Additionally, it extends your everyday processes as you grow.

Some of the other resource planning tools that Dynamics 365 offers could help you:

  • Increase productivity.
  • Get control of financial management.
  • Assist with human resources management.
  • Streamline project management needs.
  • Improve supply chain and operations management.
  • Make better decisions through business intelligence and AI.