Credit and collections


Accounts receivable collections information can be managed in one central view by using the Collections page in Finance.

Collection agents can begin the collections process from generated customer lists by using predefined collection criteria, or from the Customers page.

Screenshot of the Manage customer credit and collections page.

Before you begin to set up or work with collections, you should understand the following concepts:

  • Customer aging snapshots contain aged balance information at a point in time.
  • Collections customer pools help you organize your work.
  • Collections agents can have their own customer pools.
  • List pages organize collections customers, activities, and cases.
  • All collections information for a customer is on one page and you can take action from that page.
  • Waiving, reinstating, or reversing interest and fees can be done in one step.
  • You can manage delinquent customers.
  • You can create write-off transactions in one step.
  • Processing Not Sufficient Funds (NSF) payments can be done in one step.