Roles in a Dynamics 365 implementation


Implementing Finance and Operations apps projects can be large and intricate, often involving the use of skills and knowledge from many individuals. Each person brings a unique talent and expertise, sharing in the effort of working together and coordinating tasks.

The roles are split across:

  • Customers
  • Implementation partners
  • Possible ISV solution partners

Customer roles

Diagram of the customer roles which can be involved in implementation.

  • Business Decision maker - Decides whether to invest in new technologies.
  • Implementation project manager - In charge of making sure a company‚Äôs implementation goes smoothly.
  • Business experts - These are the people who participate in implementation projects as experts for their teams.
  • Business users - The people who use the system after deployment.
  • Developers - The people write code to integrate with other data sources, extend core system functionality, or build a complex application.

Partner roles

Diagram of the partner roles that are involved in implementation.

Functional Consultant

Functional Consultants analyze business requirements and translate those requirements into fully realized business processes and solutions that implement industry best practices.

Functional Consultants serve as a key resource in implementing and configuring applications to meet business requirements.

Functional Consultants have a fundamental understanding of accounting principles and financial operations of businesses, customer service, field service, manufacturing, retail, and supply chain management concepts.

Functional Consultants typically specialize in one or more feature sets of Finance and Operations apps, including finance, manufacturing, and supply chain management.

  • Finance Functional Consultants - Unify global financials and operations; automate tasks and workflows; and streamline customer ordering, selling, invoicing, and reporting.

  • Supply Chain Management Functional Consultants - streamline cost accounting, inventory management, master planning, and warehouse management for their clients.

  • Manufacturing Functional Consultants - Integrate digital and physical systems; improve visibility, manufacturing efficiency, and flexibility; and lower costs for their clients.


Developers who work with Finance and Operations apps in Microsoft Dynamics 365 implement and extend applications to meet the requirements of the business.

Developers can provide fully realized solutions by using standardized application coding patterns, extensible features, and external integrations.

Solution Architect

Solution Architects for Finance and Operations apps in Microsoft Dynamics 365 are trusted advisors who understand business recommended practices, software capabilities, and implementation delivery so they can lead implementation team members to implement Dynamics solutions that can achieve the predefined implementation goals.