Types of facial data


The Face API provides methods to detect human faces in images and can return face locations, landmarks, and attributes:

  • Locations: In the image that includes a face, the Face API finds the top, left, width, and height coordinates of the face region.
  • Landmarks: The Face API finds the position of common face elements, such as pupils, nose, and lips.
  • Attributes: The Face API estimates face attributes such as age, gender, hair color, smile, facial hair, glasses, and emotion.


A face location is another term for a collection of face coordinates. The location is a rectangular pixel area in the image where a face has been identified.

A Face API face location rectangle.


Face landmarks are a collection of detailed points on a face. These points identify common facial elements such as a pupil, nose, or eyebrow by using pixel coordinates. The Face API can return up to 27 landmarks for each identified face that you can use for analysis.

A chart of Face API landmarks.


Face attributes are predefined properties of a face or a person represented by a face. The Face API can optionally identify and return the following types of attributes for a detected face:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Smile intensity
  • Facial hair
  • Head pose (3D)
  • Emotion