Introduction to business process flows in Power Automate

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Effective November 2020

  • Common Data Service has been renamed to Microsoft Dataverse. Learn more.

  • Some terminology in Microsoft Dataverse has been updated. For example,entity is now table and field is now column. Learn more.

Modules will be updated soon to reflect the latest terminology.

Do you want to create business process flows? This module will discuss what business process flows are and how to use them to solve business solutions. You will discover why automating the business process is important to organizations and how to build business process flow solutions by using Power Platform and Dataverse. Additionally, you will learn how business process flows differ from regular Power Automate workflows and when to use each.

Learning objectives

In this module, you will:

  • Discover why standardizing business process flows is important and valuable to an organization.
  • Learn about the difference between a workflow and a business process.
  • Find out about how business process flows are used within Power Platform and Dataverse.


A basic understanding of how to model a business process as a set of stages, steps, and branching concepts and a familiarity with Power Platform.