Go to market with Microsoft


Now that you understand the different ways that customers can find, try, buy, and deploy your solutions through the Microsoft commercial marketplace, you start to read about Microsoft programs that will help accelerate your commercial marketplace offer’s growth. You find that your participation in the commercial marketplace unlocks go-to-market engagement and investment by Microsoft through a program called Marketplace Rewards.

What is Marketplace Rewards?

When you publish your offer to the commercial marketplace, Microsoft provides you access to sales, technical and marketing benefits. As a publisher, one of the ways your benefits are differentiated is based on the listing option you choose.

If you’re engaging customers through a “Contact Me” listing, Microsoft’s Marketplace Rewards team will reach out to provide guidance on how to increase the awareness of your solution.

If you’re engaging customers by offering a free trial listing, enabling deployments through a BYOL offer, or making sales through a transact listing, Microsoft will support your growth with increasing demand generation and sales activities.

Overview of Marketplace Rewards benefits increasing by investment represented by offer type.

You can also earn higher tiers of Marketplace Rewards benefits when your commercial marketplace offer hits certain revenue milestones, which are reached when customers buy your solution through Microsoft AppSource, Azure Marketplace, our network of resellers, and the myriad in-product experiences. Hitting these revenue tiers requires that you have a transact offer in the commercial marketplace.

The Marketplace Rewards program is designed to support you at your business’ stage of growth, starting with awareness activities to help you get your first customers and shifting to more advanced sales and technical benefits as you sell more through Microsoft. These benefits are available to all partners with active commercial marketplace offers.

You can learn more about the benefits available through this commercial marketplace program by referencing the Marketplace Rewards program slide deck.

To get started with Marketplace Rewards:

  1. Register to become a Microsoft partner and join the Microsoft commercial marketplace at https://aka.ms/joinmarketplace

  2. Publish an offer in either Microsoft AppSource or Azure Marketplace through Partner Center

  3. Access and activate benefits directly through Partner Center


The information you’ve just compiled about commercial marketplace programs helps you round out the information you need to make a final recommendation to the executive team. Now it’s time to summarize all your recent learnings for a presentation during a meeting tomorrow morning.