Create a Databricks workspace

The first step to using Azure Databricks is to create and deploy a Databricks workspace. You can do this in the Azure portal.

Deploy an Azure Databricks workspace

  1. Open the Azure portal.

  2. Click Create a Resource in the top left

  3. Search for "Databricks"

  4. Select Azure Databricks

  5. On the Azure Databricks page select Create

  6. Provide the required values to create your Azure Databricks workspace:

    • Workspace Name: Provide a name for your workspace.
    • Subscription: Choose the Azure subscription in which to deploy the workspace.
    • Resource Group: Use Create new and provide a name for the new resource group.
    • Location: Select a location near you for deployment. For the list of regions that are supported by Azure Databricks, see Azure services available by region.
    • Pricing Tier: Trial (Premium - 14 days Free DBUs). You must select this option when creating your workspace or you will be charged. The workspace will suspend automatically after 14 days. When the trial is over you can convert the workspace to Premium but then you will be charged for your usage.
  7. Accept the terms and conditions.

  8. Select Create.

The workspace creation takes a few minutes. During workspace creation, the Submitting deployment for Azure Databricks tile appears on the right side of the portal. You might need to scroll right on your dashboard to see the tile. There's also a progress bar displayed near the top of the screen. You can watch either area for progress.