In this module, you learned about the Azure Stack portfolio. As the Contoso's lead system engineer, you used that knowledge to identify the optimal way to implement on-premises workloads.

You decided that Contoso will benefit most from modernizing the two-tier Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) application of the Contoso’s loan-origination department by redeploying it as PaaS-based workload on an Azure Stack Hub stamp. For PHP-based front-end tier, you choose an Azure App Service web app, while for the back-end tier you selected a managed MySQL databases instance. You advised that an Azure Stack HCI cluster would be most suitable to host the isolated VDI farm for users in Contoso’s investment banking department. Finally, by provisioning an Azure Stack Edge appliance, you addressed the needs of the research application that leveraged Machine Learning to process and analyze customer data, before uploading it to Azure storage for long term archival.

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