Windows 10 Enterprise - fast and secure modern OS


Windows 10 Enterprise is one of the primary components of your Microsoft 365 subscription. Windows 10 meets the needs of large and midsize organizations, providing users and organizations with the tools, services, and support to enhance their personal and organizational productivity.

Enable teamwork and simplify workflow

Windows 10 also supports collaboration through Microsoft 365 apps, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Whiteboard, and OneNote.

Stay productive on the go

Windows 10 helps improve productivity by providing faster, safer ways to get work done, across all your users' devices. Users can find apps, settings, documents, and messages by using enterprise search and Cortana, and use Timeline to see a chronological view of their activities and documents. Windows 10 has hardware options ranging from the Surface Hub to the new always-connected PCs. These options support users wherever they need or prefer to work. Users can move from one device to another with Continue on PC in Microsoft Edge or take notes directly on a web page with Microsoft Ink. Windows 10 also comes with a robust set of accessibility features, such as narrator, word prediction, and eye control.

Get more done with AI enabled tools

Windows 10 also comes with elevated search capabilities with personalized assistance from built-in intelligence features.

Harness organizational knowledge

Windows 10 quickly turns data into insights and empowers organizations and employees with the information and expertise they need to be more productive.

Manage all your endpoints

Windows 10 includes tools to help you customize device setup, manage all your devices, and control corporate identities, data, and apps on personal devices without impacting personal data. Maximize security and productivity by staying current with Windows 10. The way we update Windows has changed, moving away from major upgrades every few years to feature updates twice per year. Windows 10 provides the flexibility and control to manage and distribute updates using your current method or by using Microsoft’s infrastructure.

Protect your business

Windows 10 protects, detects, and automatically responds to the most advanced malware and hacking threats, while protecting user identities, devices, and your organization's information. Windows 10 investigates threats as they evolve and automates remediation to make response times faster, thanks to the Intelligent Security Graph (which uses security intelligence, machine learning, and behavioral analytics). These security solutions are built in and provide you with full security lifecycle management for endpoint protection (EPP) and detection and response (EDR). It also integrates with Microsoft 365 systems, which cover even the most complex multi-platform environments.

  • Threat protection. Windows 10 threat protection includes next generation malware and hacking defense to help protect against threats, including zero-day attacks. It provides a hardened platform that can help prevent encounters, isolate threats, and control the execution of malicious apps and content. Windows 10 can detect and respond to the most advanced threats and automatically remediate them.

  • Identity access. Windows 10 protects user identities against pass-the-hash and pass-the-ticket attacks, helping you move to a world without passwords. Windows Hello is a biometric authentication tool that strengthens authentication and helps guard against potential spoofing.

  • Information protection. Windows 10 makes it easy to protect data - when that data is at rest or in use. Windows Information Protection helps protect sensitive information against leaks. When you combine Windows 10 with Azure Information Protection and Microsoft 365, you get a sophisticated solution that meets the highest requirements for data loss prevention with minimal input.