Choose the right teamwork tools for your team

People only have so many hours in a day to get their work done. They want to spend more time on high-value work, and less time servicing the demands of the organization. They want to get their work done more efficiently, be more creative, produce high-quality content, collaborate easily with other people, simplify workflow, find the information they need quickly and stay productive on the go. Microsoft 365 helps people be more productive by delivering powerful AI-powered tools that help them make the most of their time.

Teamwork in Microsoft 365 empowers users with the most innovative productivity experiences. Collaborate, meet, call and connect business apps all in one place with Microsoft Teams to enable teamwork and simplify workflows.

Personal productivity

Personal productivity is often about choosing the right tool and people to work with. Use Microsoft Teams to let the team members stay tightly connected on project updates and related content and files no matter where they are located.

You may not work with certain people on a regular basis, but who you may have a vested interest, like a project stakeholder or common goal. Use Yammer to openly share information, find expertise, and share ideas across your organization. Groups and conversations are open and viewable to everyone. If you prefer working in email, Outlook is an ideal way to start the conversation.

When it comes to managing team content and files, SharePoint is the tool that brings together content from Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and Outlook to keep track of critical project information no matter where the conversation starts.