Collect and share knowledge


Microsoft 365 helps to connect people, content, conversations, and activity, and helps people discover and share knowledge. The result is that users can find not only answers, but insights.

Yammer is designed to help you encourage open dialogue, idea generation, and connections across your company. With Yammer you can modernize organization-wide communication, with two-way executive forums or live company-wide meetings, giving everyone a voice. Create communities of interest, executive forums and even facilitate live town hall meetings to improve transparency. Yammer even grants external access to partners and customers where necessary.

Microsoft Stream enables everyone in the organization to securely create, discover, and share videos, and it integrates into the teamwork apps employees use most, including Teams, OneNote, SharePoint, and Yammer.

Microsoft Search provides a rich, familiar, and consistent search experience across the web and the apps used in your organization. Regardless of the interface used, you get the same experience, personalized and contextualized for that specific interaction point.

  • Microsoft Search in Searching in Bing returns both your organizational results and web results, making it an easy choice for broad searches. Recently added capabilities allow you to search across conversations in both Teams and Yammer simultaneously.
  • Microsoft Search in Microsoft Search in surfaces the same search scope across Microsoft 365, allowing you to find what you need and get back to your work faster. Find recent and recommended documents, as well as content flagged by colleagues for your review, and keep up-to-date with what has been worked on since you last looked at it.
  • Microsoft Search in the SharePoint mobile app. The SharePoint mobile app includes search as the default experience when you enter the app. The search interface shows common questions, personalized results, and frequent searches that you can curate for your organization.
  • Microsoft Search in the Outlook mobile app. The Outlook mobile app, available for iOS and Android, prioritizes the search experience by providing easy access to commands, content, and people. By placing your cursor in the search box, you can use "zero query search" to see recommendations powered by AI and Microsoft Graph.