The primary goal of any sales organization is to build sustainable relationships with customers. This process takes time. You must gain customers' trust by demonstrating subject matter expertise, meeting or exceeding expectations, and becoming a trusted advisor that they can turn to. These relationships also require that organizations be aware of what's happening with their customers, and that they engage with customers at appropriate times.

The Embedded Intelligence suite of features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one tool that helps sales professionals build and sustain customer relationships. By monitoring communications with customers and suggesting appropriate actions for each communication, Embedded Intelligence helps guarantee that customers will remain with an organization for a long time.

We looked at the main features that are provided as part of the Embedded Intelligence suite. Here are some examples:

  • Using Relationship Assistant to suggest actions, based on activities and items that are related to the customers.
  • How Auto Capture can be used to prompt sales staff about emails that are important, or that are related to customer records like accounts, contacts, and opportunities.
  • How Email Engagement can be used to track communication events that involve customers. For example, it can track when customers open, reply to, or forward emails.
  • How to define reminders based on whether customers open or don't open emails that were sent to them during a specified period.

From here, the next steps are to learn more about how Dynamics 365 can use artificial intelligence to help you build relationships with customers, by helping to score leads based on criteria that are defined for the organization, recommending people who can facilitate introductions, and analyzing the overall health of the relationship that the organization has with a customer.