Summary and knowledge check

In the final phase of the service adoption Framework, Scale, you learned about business scenario mapping and how to use it to prioritize activities. You started creating your awareness and engagement plan. Finally, you learned about service health reviews and the need for continuous improvement.

Check your knowledge


Simplified business scenario mapping enables you to do what?


True or false: The outcome of scenario mapping is to create a library of business scenarios by stakeholder area that can be prioritized by impact and difficulty.


What is experience fragmentation?


Which of the following is most true about having a sense of humor?


True or false: Sending an email is an engaging way to communicate with employees.


Business engagement is designed to do which of the following?


True or false: It's not important to keep records of who attends your in-person training courses as long as people do attend them.


Who do you need to work with to see Office 365 usage information for your tenant?


The Office 365 Content pack provides you with which of the following?


True or false: The Office 365 Adoption Content pack is a paid service that you add on to your Office 365 account.


True or false: Usage data helps you adjust your awareness and training campaigns to help people understand the capabilities that they have available to them.


Primarily a service health review is designed to do which of the following?


True or false: A 'service' is a collection of technical capabilities that deliver a specific business outcome.


How often, as a best practice, should you hold service reviews?