Configure updates for SAP workloads


You can use the Update Management solution to manage updates and patches for your virtual machines. For details, refer to

Update the monitoring configuration for SAP

Update the SAP monitoring configuration in any of the following scenarios:

  • The joint Microsoft/SAP team extends the monitoring capabilities and requests more or fewer counters.

  • Microsoft introduces a new version of Azure infrastructure that delivers the monitoring data, and the Azure Enhanced Monitoring Extension for SAP needs to be adapted to those changes.

  • You add or remove data disks attached to your Azure VMs. In this scenario, update the collection of storage-related data. Changing your configuration by adding or deleting endpoints or by assigning IP addresses to a VM does not affect the monitoring configuration.

  • You change the size of your Azure VM.

  • You add new network interfaces to your Azure VM.

To update monitoring settings, simply redeploy the Azure Enhanced Monitoring Extension for SAP (by rerunning the PowerShell cmdlet Set-AzVMAEMExtension or the Azure CLI command azure vm enable-aem).

SAP HANA on Azure (Large Instances)

As mentioned earlier in the course, HANA Large Instances do not have direct internet connectivity. This limitation will prevent you from registering the operating system instances directly with the OS vendor. As a workaround, you need to use SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Subscription Management Tool or Red Hat Enterprise Linux Subscription Manager, depending on the OS of the HANA Large Instance.