Microsoft AI governance model - Executive overview

Developing responsible AI governance is a crucial process, but it’s not an easy one. To help spark ideas, we’d like to share executive insight about our experience with two important pieces of our responsible AI governance: the AI, Ethics, and Effects in Engineering and Research Committee (Aether) and the Office of Responsible AI.

Watch this video from Eric Horvitz, Technical Fellow and Director at Microsoft Research, as he explains how Microsoft is using its mission to empower people and organizations to guide its approach to responsible AI. Eric Horvitz discusses the structure and role of the Aether Committee and how it fits into the larger responsible AI strategy at Microsoft.

Eric Horvitz explained the driving forces behind Aether, how the committee is structured to align with AI principles at Microsoft, and the way it has pulled together experts from across the company to help think through some of the organization’s most challenging issues. Eric Horvitz also described how Aether collaborates with other internal entities like the Office of Responsible AI and its engagements that extend beyond Microsoft, into the outside world.

However, the work is not done. Microsoft will continue to iterate its processes and evolve its structures with the ultimate goal of delivering value to customers through the development of responsible technology.

For more information on the role of the Office of Responsible AI, watch this video from Natasha Crampton, Head of the Office of Responsible AI at Microsoft.

In this video, Natasha Crampton explained the origin of the Office of Responsible AI at Microsoft, how it’s operationalized, and how it was designed to scale across the entire organization. She shared a few lessons Microsoft learned while turning its principles into practices. Natasha Crampton also provided some advice for other business leaders looking to pursue responsible AI governance in their own organizations.

Next, let’s dive into more detail about how Microsoft approaches responsible AI governance.