Exercise - Environment setup


In this exercise, you lay the groundwork for using Data Migration Assistant. You use the Azure portal to deploy a template that will create resources you'll need to perform the exercises.


You need an Azure subscription to complete these exercises. If you don't have an Azure subscription, create a free account and add a subscription before you begin. If you are a student, you can take advantage of the Azure for students offer.

This deployment will create the following resources:

  • A resource group
  • A SQL Server instance
  • An empty Azure SQL database
  • A virtual machine running SQL Server
  • Network and storage resources to support the previous items

Deploy the template

  1. To open the Azure portal and deploy the resources needed for the exercises, select Deploy to Azure.

    Deploy to Azure.

    The Custom deployment pane appears.

  2. On the Basics tab, enter the following values for each setting.

    Setting Value
    Project details
    Subscription Select the Azure subscription that you want to use.
    Resource group Select the Create new link, enter admsdemorg, and select OK.
    Instance details
    Region Select a location that supports the Azure Database Migration Service.
    Source Windows Admin User Name windowsadmin
    Source Windows Admin Password Enter a complex password
    Source Sql Admin User Name sqladmin
    Source Sql Admin Password Enter a complex password
    Target Sql Db Administrator Login azuresqladmin
    Target Sql Db Administrator Password Enter a complex password
  3. Select Review + create.

  4. Upon receiving Validation Passed notification, select Create.

    Make note of the passwords that you used for the accounts, because you'll use them later. This deployment will take 10 to 15 minutes. While this is in progress, continue to the next unit to learn about the migration process.

  5. When deployment completes, select Go to resource group. The admsdemorg pane for resource group that you deployed appears.