Space Jam: A New Legacy inspires us to see how we can combine passions and challenges in our lives with technical skills to create new opportunities for improvement and discovery. Four-time champion LeBron James has dedicated his life to practicing, learning, and persevering through basketball challenges, but he also identifies ways that his passion for the sport can influence the world around him. We can do the same. This module introduces you to Python coding for machine learning and JavaScript coding for web app development. With the skills you have begun to learn here, you can begin to explore other ways to influence the world and people around you.

Throughout this module, you used previously cleansed basketball data related to Tune Squad characters to train a machine learning model to create a sample dataset of PER values for 16 characters based on the standard deviation of the characters' statistics. Then, you used the generated dataset to create a web app that can be used between each quarter to optimize the PER of the players on the court and hopefully optimize the coaches chances of winning the game!

You can continue exploring how to integrate Azure Static Web Apps and machine learning to create support applications for sports coaches, here are just a few ideas:

  • Sort the player cards based on the PER stat for that function.
  • Write an algorithm to determine the best lineup for each quarter.
  • Deploy your machine learning model and call it dynamically from within the web app.
  • Create game events that could affect PER throughout the gameplay.

We encourage you to make this app your own and use it as a place to test your creativity, determination, and skills.


Remember, this module is part of a multimodal learning experience. Follow along with a video walkthrough of the module in a new tab.

And don't forget to watch Space Jam: A New Legacy coming Summer 2021!

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