Console overview


When you launch Power Automate for desktop, the first window that appears on the screen is called the console. The console is the main component of the platform from which you can manage your existing flows and launch the flow designer to edit them or create new ones.

Screenshot of the Power Automate for desktop console.

Like all products in Microsoft Power Automate, the Power Automate for desktop console enables you to select a development environment, handle all the flows in it, and create new ones.


Environments are spaces to store, manage, and share your organization's business data, apps, chatbots, and flows. They also serve as containers to separate apps that might have different roles, security requirements, or target audiences.

To handle an existing flow, right-click on it and choose between starting, editing, renaming, and deleting it. If the flow is currently running, the additional option to stop it is available.

Screenshot of the available actions in the Power Automate for desktop console.

To run, stop, or edit a flow more efficiently, you can use the icons next to its name.