Introduction to the possible uses of a physical button

Building a Power Automate flow is the same as building any other workflow. A physical button makes the process easier because, now, you can simply select the button and the flow will run. You no longer need to pick up your smart phone, open the Power Automate button flow, and then select the button. Several scenarios exist where you can use a physical button.

Scenario 1: Record appointment time

Consider a situation where a field engineer is arriving at a location. The field engineer can press the physical button once to record the start time and then twice to record the end time. This approach helps the engineer record the total time that it took to complete the task.

Scenario 2: Record travel time

Consider a situation where a consultant is traveling to a client's location. The consultant can press the button once to record the start time. The flow that is initiated by pressing the button will also record the departure location. After arriving at the destination, the consultant then presses the button twice, which records the end time and the destination location. Power Automate can use the time and location to record the total travel time and mileage.