Architecture is the foundation of your application's design. A great architecture will give you the confidence that your app can sustainably meet the needs of your customers both now and in the future.

The architectural priorities and needs of every app are different, but the four pillars of architecture are an excellent guidepost you can use to make sure that you have given enough attention to every aspect of your application:

  • Security: Safeguarding access and data integrity and meeting regulatory requirements
  • Performance and scalability: Efficiently meeting demand in every scenario
  • Availability and recoverability: Minimizing downtime and avoiding permanent data loss
  • Efficiency and operations: Maximizing maintainability and ensuring requirements are met with monitoring

Focusing on these pillars when designing your architecture will ensure you're laying a solid foundation for your applications in the cloud. With a solid foundation, you'll be able to drive innovation through your environment, build solutions that your users will love, and foster the trust of your customers.

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For more information on architecting solutions on Azure, visit the Pillars of software quality guide on the Azure Architecture Center.