Connect data to Power BI for Tableau users

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As an analyst moving from Tableau to Microsoft Power BI, your main concern will be making sure that you can connect to the same data sources without losing functionality. This module provides the foundational information needed to work confidently with the new platform.

Learning objectives

In this module, you'll:

  • Identify basic concepts and terminology on Power BI data connections.
  • Connect to your data in Power BI by using live and import methods.
  • Perform data transformations by using Power Query editor.
  • Share your data transformation steps by using Advanced Query editor.
  • Set up relationships in the data modeling view.
  • Identify differences and similarities between Tableau and Power BI concepts.


Access to Power BI service. Familiarity with Tableau, and the following concepts in Tableau, level of detail calculations, data blending, connecting to data, and creating extracts.