As you’ve learned, Dynamics 365 Sales enables organizations to manage the entire sales lifecycle by incorporating sales order processing with the lead and opportunity management capabilities available. Whether its providing sales staff with the ability to generate quotes directly from opportunity records or providing the ability to generate sales orders and invoices, Dynamics 365 Sales order processing tools can assist sales associates throughout the entire process.

You've looked at several of the key components that Dynamics 365 provides for sales order processing, including:

  • Providing an overview of the different tools available to support a sales lifecycle as well as how those tools could potentially be leveraged in integration scenarios.

  • How organizations can generate and deliver proposals to their customers by creating quotes from existing opportunity records.

  • Examining the different options available for including product line items on quotes, whether they are added manually or directly from an existing opportunity.

  • How quotes can be revised based on feedback provided by the customer, and where the previous versions of the quote can be viewed.

  • The process of generating sales orders, either manually or from a quote that has been accepted by a customer.

  • How sales orders can be fulfilled in Dynamics 365 as well as the process for generating invoices from existing orders.

  • Examining how invoices can be marked as paid after the receipt of payment has been collected from a customer.

The next steps would be to gain a deeper understanding of how Dynamics 365 can leverage artificial intelligence to assist in building relationships with customers by alerting sales staff when action is needed, scoring leads based on organization criteria, or analyzing the overall relationship health that the organization has with a customer.