Remotely monitor and control devices with Azure IoT Hub

IoT Hub

Create an IoT Hub device app, and a back-end service app. As a scenario, we use the monitoring, and controlling, of the temperature and humidity of a cheese cave.

Learning objectives

In this module, you will:

  • Create an Azure IoT Hub, using the IoT Hub portal
  • Create an Azure IoT Hub device identity, using the IoT Hub portal
  • Create an app to send device telemetry to the IoT Hub
  • Create a second app to listen for the telemetry, and control the device through direct methods and device twins


  • An introductory knowledge of Azure IoT
  • Ability to navigate the Azure IoT portal
  • Ability to use Node.js or C# at the beginner level
  • Experience using Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code at the beginner level