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A key part in building relationships today, is being able to effectively use social media as a sales tool. This is where you use social media to find, connect with, and nurture sales prospects. This is typically referred to as social selling. With social medial so engrained in our daily lives, it is the modern way to build meaningful relationships with potential customers early to ensure that you are who they think of when they are ready to buy. For many people, it has replaced the process of cold calling where you call as many people as possible to attempt to get a meeting.

One of the best ways to identify good prospects and build relationships with them is through LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an online platform that connects business professionals. Your LinkedIn profile summarizes your professional experience to your current connections, current and future employers, and recruiters. LinkedIn can also act as a powerful sales tool. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is LinkedIn designed for sales professionals. It provides searching capabilities, deeper visibility into extended networks, and personalized algorithms that help you reach the right decision maker. For example, with Sales Navigator, you can easily search for any healthcare CEO in your sales territory who has been in current role for less than a year. By specifying less than a year, you are likely identifying people that are new to their role in the organization. These individuals may not have already established relationships with competitors. Once you have identified those individuals, you can use the sales lifecycle management capabilities of Dynamics 365 Sales to help convert them into revenue and build a long-term relationship with them.

Microsoft Relationship Sales brings together LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales to empower sellers to drive that more personalized and meaningful engagement with buyers. By combining Dynamics 365 Sales with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and applying your LinkedIn network, you are not only able to identify potential sales leads, but you are also provided avenues to facilitate introductions with prospects and position yourself as a subject matter expert that they will want to engage with. Thus, gaining trust, providing value, and positioning themselves as valuable subject matter experts that will help build and strengthen your relationship over time.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration with Dynamics 365 Sales creates a seamless experience between Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365, empowering sales reps to get insights on customers and recommendations directly from any Dynamics 365 record.

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration, sellers can:

  • Get headline information, recent activities, news, and job change information when viewing the customer record in Dynamics 365.
  • Use icebreakers to identify commonalities between you and your prospects.
  • Ask for an introduction to the lead from anyone within their network or anyone in your organization who may be connected to the lead.
  • Get one-click access to LinkedIn InMail and increase your probability of reaching your buyer.
  • Have LinkedIn user images used as Contact images in Dynamics 365.
  • Surface LinkedIn Activities, such as InMail and PointDrive activities, in the Activity Timeline displayed in Dynamics 365.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator controls are available and can be placed on Dynamics 365 Sales forms. There are two types of controls available.

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lead control: Shows information about a LinkedIn member profile. It contains the following sections, which you can choose to show or hide:

    • Top Card: Shows information about the person like name, headline, and more. Additionally, it provides capabilities to message or save the person as a lead in Sales Navigator.
    • News (Icebreakers): Shows the person’s highlights, activities, conversation starters, and more.
    • Connections (Get Introduced): Shows the mutual connections and allows for a warm introduction to the person.
    • Related Leads: Shows potential Sales Navigator leads who are similar to the target person and might represent the relevant stakeholders around them. On a sales scenario, this insight is crucial to identify the potential decision-makers for a deal.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Account control: Shows information about a LinkedIn company profile. It has four modules, which you can choose to show or hide:

    • Top Card: Shows information about the company like company name, industry, location, and more. Additionally, provides capabilities to view the related account and save it in Sales Navigator.
    • News: Shows the latest news of this company.
    • Connections: Shows relevant connections for this company that can establish a first contact.
    • Recommended Leads: Shows the recommended potential leads in this company that may be opportunities open for the next deal.

By combining both items into a single place, you can gain more insight into a prospect and engage with them through personalized content. For example, when combined with other Dynamics 365 components such as Sales Insights, you could see what a potential buyer is interested in based on the content they are sharing on LinkedIn and the discussions they are participating in. Sellers can be alerted in real time when the prospect connects with someone in their network or is mentioned in the news.

Demo video: LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s prospecting capabilities compliment the Customer Engagement capabilities of Dynamics 365. You can easily research account and contact record in LinkedIn, use you existing LinkedIn network to help facilitate introductions, track activities that take place in LinkedIn in Dynamics 365.

Let’s see how we can apply Microsoft Relationship Sales solution.

As you saw in the video, by incorporating LinkedIn data into your Dynamics 365 records, you can easily research prospective clients and apply LinkedIn functionality from without having to switch applications. This makes it easier to incorporate the LinkedIn functionality as part of your daily sales activities.