Secure Dynamics 365 portals content

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Dynamics 365
Customer Engagement

Dynamics 365 portals include capabilities to secure access to different parts of the portal content based on the target audience and relationship to the content. Portal security governs both visibility and management of specific content such as individual pages or the entire sections of the site.

In this module, you will:

  • Overview of authorization and the Dynamics 365 portal security components.
  • The relationships between Contacts, Web Roles, Web Page Access Control Rules and Web Pages.
  • Portal Web Page access restrictions using Web Page Access Control Rule.
  • Web Site Access Permissions for administrators and content creators.
  • Additional security constructs for various content types.


A basic understanding how to navigate Dynamics 365 portals and how to use Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement Apps. Familiarity with general authorization principles and constructs like security roles, would be beneficial.