In this module, you’ve learned about the fundamentals of Dynamics 365 Portals security. Portal features provide out-of-the-box flexibility that allows you to build robust, flexible portals where security can be configured to satisfy even the most complex business requirements when it comes to the content.

You should now be able to:

  • Secure access to the portal content using web roles.
  • Create configurations to support secure publishing of content.
  • Use web site aAccess permissions to enable portal administration and content creation without threatening portal security.
  • Apply security to additional content, such as knowledge articles.

Next steps

You have learned how to create, manage, and secure the portal content. From here, you will want to explore web templates, how to bring Dynamics 365 and Common Data Service data to your portal, integrate with other components like Power BI, and convert a static website to a fully functional portal app.