Create maintenance codes

You can use maintenance codes to describe the kind of maintenance that is performed on a fixed asset such as routine service or repair.

To open the Maintenance page, select the Search for page icon in the upper-right corner of the page, enter maintenance, and then select the related link.

Maintenance page

You can create new maintenance codes by entering a code and a description.

When you post maintenance expenses to an asset, you can enter maintenance codes on purchase lines, fixed asset G/L journal lines, and fixed asset journal lines.

You can record and maintain an up-to-date file on maintenance and service of your fixed assets so that complete maintenance records on a fixed asset are accessible, including from a report. Each time that a fixed asset is sent to service, you should record all relevant information such as the maintenance code, date of service, vendor number, and service agent's phone number. Maintenance registration is recorded for each fixed asset from the relevant fixed asset card.

You can use the maintenance codes to analyze your asset's maintenance cost. For example, you could use the Fixed Asset Maintenance Analysis report.

In this report, you can select to see maintenance based on one, two, or three maintenance codes for a specified date or period. You can see the total of all selected assets or a total for each asset.

Fixed asset maintenance analysis page