Analyze a migration to serverless


You're ready to shift your Express.js APIs to the serverless model. But first, consider why you might make these changes and what effort is required to update your app. Here are three things to consider:

  • Configure and maintain the physical server for your Express app
  • Managing scaling for your app (up and down), as demand fluctuates
  • Manage the costs associated with deploying your server

Serverless architecture eases the server maintenance, scaling, and cost for you.

Why would you make this shift? Overall there's less to think about when building a serverless app.

About the project

You will be making use of a starter project on GitHub. The end goal is to migrate the project's API Express server to Azure Functions.

Vacation Wish List sample application.

The app begins as a Node.js Express application in TypeScript that you'll shift to an Azure Functions app.

The client application is developed with Angular, however you could use Vue.js, React.js, or any other frontend framework of choice.

When you're done, your application and its API will feature all the benefits of serverless technology!