View access keys and endpoints

To access your Speech Service from an application, you will need to get two pieces of information from the Azure portal:

  • A subscription key that's passed with every request to authenticate the call.
  • The endpoint that exposes your service on the network.

You will need the subscription key when using the Speech SDK or the REST APIs but the endpoint will only be required for the REST API access. Using the Speech SDK in an application uses the key, but also requires a region. You will see the use of the key and region information in the exercise later in the module.

View the subscription keys and endpoint

  1. In the left menu of the portal, select Resource groups, and then select the mslearn-speechapi resource group that you created for the Speech Translation API.
  2. Select the Speech Translation subscription name (such as SpeechTranslation).
  3. Under the RESOURCE MANAGEMENT group, select the Keys and Endpoint option to display Key and Endpoint values.
  4. Copy the value of KEY 1 or KEY 2 to the clipboard for use in an application.