Provision an Azure resource for speech translation


The Speech service provides robust, machine learning and artificial intelligence-based speech translation services, enabling developers to add end-to-end, real-time, speech translations to their applications or services.

Before you can use the Speech service, you need to create a Speech resource in your Azure subscription. You can use either a dedicated Speech resource or a multi-service Cognitive Services resource.

After creating your Azure resource, you will need the following information to use it from a client application through one of the supported SDKs:

  • The location in which the resource is deployed (for example, eastus)
  • One of the keys assigned to your resource.

You can view of these values on the Keys and Endpoint page for your resource in the Azure portal.


If you are currently using Bing Speech or the older Translator Speech API, Microsoft offers migration strategies for bringing your applications over to the Speech service. Your Translator Speech access keys will not work on the new Speech services endpoints, which necessitate a migration to the new services.

See the following resources for more information: