Visualize performance with Query Performance Insight


While it's often necessary to view specific query text and query plans, it's also useful to view a visual overview of your database performance.

To view Query Store data in a graphical format in Azure Database fo PostgreSQL single server, you can use the Query Performance Insight view in the Azure portal.


Query Performance Insight is not available in Azure Database for PostgreSQL flexible server and you must deploy Azure Database for PostgreSQL single server to use Query Performance Insight.

Screenshot of Query Performance Insight.

Query Performance Insight has a display for Long running queries and a display for Wait Statistics. The displays graphically show which queries have the longest duration or longest wait and provide the QUERY ID of each query to enable you to find more information in the azure_sys database.

To enable Query Performance Insight, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Azure portal and sign in.
  2. Select your Azure Database for PostgreSQL server.
  3. In Settings, select Server parameters.
  4. Scroll down to pg_qs.query_capture_mode and in pg_qs.query_capture_mode select ALL.
  5. Select Save.

For more information on the Query Performance Insight, see Query Performance Insight.