Architect great solutions in Azure

Solutions Architect
SQL Database
Cosmos DB
Cost Management
Azure Advisor
Content Delivery Network
Azure Active Directory

Learn how to design and build secure, scalable, performant solutions in Azure by examining the core principles found in every good architecture.



Modules in this learning path

You want to build great things on Azure, but you’re not sure exactly what that means. Using key principles throughout your architecture regardless of technology choice, can help you design, build, and continuously improve your architecture.

Learn how to incorporate security into your architecture design, and discover the tools that Azure provides to help you create a secure environment through all the layers of your architecture.

Scaling your system to handle load, identifying network bottlenecks, and optimizing your storage performance are important to ensure your users have the best experience. Learn how to make your application perform at its best.

Learn how to design an Azure architecture that is cost- and operationally-efficient, eliminates waste, and gives you full visibility into what's happening in your environment.

Learn how to handle infrastructure and service failure, recover from the loss if data, and recover from a disaster by designing availability and recoverability into your architecture.