Modules in this learning path

Create users in Azure Active Directory. Understand different types of groups. Create a group and add members. Manage business-to-business guest accounts.

Manage users and groups in Azure Active Directory

Evaluate self-service password reset to allow users in your organization to reset their passwords or unlock their accounts. Set up, configure, and test self-service password reset.

To grant access to a subscription, identify the appropriate role to assign to an employee. Understand when you might need to temporarily elevate your own access to regain access to a subscription.

Learn how to use Azure RBAC to manage access to resources in Azure.

Understand the structure of role definitions for access control. Identify the role properties to use that define your custom role permissions. Create an Azure custom role and assign to a user.

Use Azure Resource Manager to organize resources, enforce standards, and protect critical assets from deletion.

Learn about the factors that influence cost and tools you can use to help estimate and manage your cloud spend.

Learn how to use cost analysis to understand how your costs accrue each month. Use this understanding to create an Azure budget to monitor and alert on your costs.

Identify Azure resources that you can move to a different resource group. Use the Azure portal to move resources.

Evaluate options to manage device identities in Azure AD. Allow users to join devices in Azure AD. Require devices to be marked as compliant. Enable Enterprise State Roaming.

Add your custom domain to Azure Active Directory. Add DNS information to the domain registrar. Verify your custom domain name in the Azure portal and set it as the primary.

Use the advanced detection and remediation of identity-based threats to protect your Azure Active Directory identities and applications from compromise.

Learn how to use multi-factor authentication with Azure AD to harden your user accounts.