Build mobile apps with Xamarin.Forms

Visual Studio

Use C# and Visual Studio to create apps that run on iOS and Android devices.


  • Visual Studio 2019 (any edition)
  • Familiarity with C# and .NET

Modules in this learning path

Use Visual Studio with Xamarin.Forms to create a mobile app that runs on Android and iOS, with no previous experience necessary.

Create fully native Android apps to take advantage of the power, features, and performance of the Android platform.

Use Visual Studio and the Xamarin tools to create a Xamarin.iOS application. You design a UI in code and then provide behavior to create a tip calculator.

Create a Xamarin.Forms application using XAML to define the UI while making use of platform-specific features. We will see how splitting the UI definition from the code implementation improves the maintainability of your application.

Create consistent user interfaces across different devices by using StackLayout and Grid.

Define resources and styles in page-level and application-wide ResourceDictionary objects. Apply resources and styles by using the StaticResource and DynamicResource markup extensions.

After your app is code complete, you still need to take many steps to prepare it for submission to a store. In this module, you'll see how to prepare your app for publishing.

Consume a REST web service by using HttpClient and perform basic CRUD operations. You will detect when your device is connected to the internet to provide a good user experience and take advantage of the native networking stacks to get top performance.

Persist your data between application launches by storing your data locally using SQLite.

Analyze your app's page structure and choose the appropriate navigation paradigm. Implement stack navigation by using NavigationPage, and tab navigation with TabbedPage.