Configure and use Point of sales (POS) in Dynamics 365 Commerce

Functional Consultant
Business User
Dynamics 365

Transactional data is created in the Point of sale (POS) and then uploaded to the Dynamics 365 Commerce Headquarters for processing. This learning path describes how to install, and activate POS, as well as how to create daily transactions in POS.


  • General understanding of Dynamics 365 Commerce, and Commerce channels
  • General knowledge of basic navigation within Dynamics 365 Commerce
  • Basic knowledge of retail processes

Modules in this learning path

Dynamics 365 Commerce allows for the centralized configuration and management of multiple Commerce channels. The requirements for brick-and-mortar operations are unique compared to other Commerce channels.

Transactions can be performed in Dynamics 365 Commerce Point of sale (POS) to register sales, and returns in several ways.

Retail statements and near real-time order creation is the process of transforming the retail transactions in Dynamics 365 Commerce into physical and financial transactions, so you can account for the sales in finance and inventory.