Customize and add advanced features to Xamarin.Forms apps

Visual Studio

Add professional touches and development techniques for more beautiful and maintainable apps.


  • Ability to build and debug Xamarin.Forms app

Modules in this learning path

Create a .NET Standard library to share code between your iOS and Android projects in Xamarin.Forms. Define platform-specific operations by using contracts so you can execute them from a shared code base.

Update your UI when your data changes by using bindings and INotifyPropertyChanged. Update your data when your UI changes by using two-way bindings. Bind otherwise incompatible types by using IValueConverter.

Use ListView to display a scrollable list of data that you can dynamically modify.

Create custom cell layouts that fit the shape of your data. Group related cells together to help your users find what they're interested in.

Separate your business logic and user interface code by using the MVVM design pattern.

Implement drawer navigation and split view by using Xamarin.Forms MasterDetailPage and its MasterBehavior property.

Extend the built-in functionality of Xamarin.Forms by modifying existing controls and creating new custom controls.

Adjust the behavior of Xamarin.Forms elements by accessing the underlying native controls.