Design an accident tracking app in Power Apps

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Learn how to build an employee accident tracking app from start to finish. In this learning path, you'll explore activities such as transforming a business process into a model-driven app, creating a data table, and adding a business process flow to the app.


A basic understanding of Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Dataverse.

Modules in this learning path

A difficult aspect of becoming a maker in Microsoft Power Platform is knowing how to start with your company’s existing data and then translate that data into a model-driven app. This module will help you get into the mindset of a Power Apps maker and start thinking of a model-driven app as the solution.

Create essential tables and table relationships to build the employee accident tracking model-driven app.

Learn how to adapt tables by using the two form types of Views and Forms. These form types will consume data from your tables, aided by the relationships, which allows the app maker to display data and will allow app users to interact with the data.

Learn how to combine key table components into an employee accident tracking model-driven app in Power Apps. A model-driven app is a combination of tables, table relationships, table views, and forms that work cohesively so that users can track information efficiently.

Learn how to add a business process flow to your app to provide users with a guided path throughout the app.