Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Fundamentals

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| Are you interested in learning about business applications? Start with this learning path to see how Dynamics 365 apps are used. Learn about cloud concepts, Power Platform, and how to get started with Dynamics 365 apps.



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Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement apps let organizations build sustainable customer relationships with applications that assist them in driving sales revenue, providing exceptional service, managing mobile workforces as well as marketing and project management.

Managing the day-to-day business activities of any organization can be a challenge. Whether it's employees, supply chain, project management, or store experiences, Dynamics 365 Unified Operations applications enable an organization to take control of and more effectively manage all these business aspects.

Explore the core concepts of cloud computing and how it can help your business.

With Dynamics 365, organizations have multiple deployment and security options available to provide them with the flexibility to deploy the application based on their organizational needs. Organizations can ensure that all employees have access to the data and application features that provide them with the best opportunity for success.

Organizations need flexibility when developing business solutions to fit their needs. Business solutions need the ability to be deployed quickly, easily tailored to an organization, accessible on different platforms and types of devices, as well as offer customized analytic and reporting options. This is where the Microsoft Power Platform comes in. It provides organizations with the tools necessary to build these applications.

When organizations are getting started with Dynamics 365, where to begin an implementation can be a daunting task. Most organizations don't really know where to start. Microsoft wants to ensure that organizations have what they need during their deployments. There are a variety of tools, services, and resources that help guide and assist organizations through their deployment journey.