Implement a secure environment for a database service

Data Analyst
Data Engineer
Database Administrator
SQL Database
SQL Server

Implement SQL Server-based options for authentication and authorization, as well as Azure options for securing Azure SQL databases. Explore encryption, firewalls and advanced threat protection.


  • Ability to use tools for running queries against a Microsoft SQL database, either on-premises on cloud-based
  • Understanding of why security is a crucial part of database system planning
  • Ability to write code in the SQL language, particularly the Microsoft T-SQL dialect, at a basic level.
  • Experience creating and configuring resources using the Azure portal

Modules in this learning path

Contrast authentication using Azure Active Directory vs Windows Active Directory vs SQL Server authentication. Implement various security principals and configure permissions.

Explore encryption options available within Azure SQL, on-premises SQL Server and Open Source data platforms and Secure Enclaves. Implement database and instance firewalls.

Explore data classification capabilities and degrees of confidentiality. Explore and configure advanced threat protection options, including SQL injection.