Discover the role of Python in space exploration

Data Scientist
Visual Studio Code

This learning path introduces you to the world of Python. But the goal is not to learn Python, the goal is to understand how Python plays a role in the innovative solutions that NASA creates. Through the lens of space discovery, this learning path could ignite a passion to persistently learn, discover, and create so that you too can one day help us all understand a little more about the world beyond our Earth.

Through these modules, you will:

  • Understand and install the tools needed to learn programming
  • Learn core programming concepts and apply them to real-life NASA problems
  • Gain knowledge about cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • See actual NASA employees talk about their job and give advice


This learning path is part of a multimodal learning experience. Start the first module to see how you can follow along!



Modules in this learning path

Get an introduction to the types of space exploration problems that Python and data science can influence.

Learn about what coding is and install tools to help you code.

Learn more advanced topics of Python.

Use Python and Visual Studio Code to make a simple program to count the number of each type of space rock.